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    I have a string stored in a cookie...<BR><BR>It is basically the users email address and thier role in the system. like this...<BR><BR>< BR><BR> string searchWithinThis = "";<BR> string searchForThis = ":role:";<BR> int firstCharacter = searchWithinThis.IndexOf(searchForThis);<BR> Response.Write("First occurrence:" + firstCharacter);<BR><BR>What I need to do is to get the part that exists after :role:. I know how to get the indexof, I just don&#039;t know how to "use" it from there. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks

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    given what you ave done with your cookies<BR><BR>arrayofcookie = split(cookie("cookiename"), ":")<BR><BR>Assuming that the part you want is always last....<BR><BR>typeofrole = arrayofcookie(Ubound(arrayofcookie))

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