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    I am wanting to search between 2 date ranges within 2 columns in a table. The columns are named StartDate and EndDate respectively. How can I search between StartDate and EndDate? Thanks

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    I got this from this message board, I am not sure who ,but it works great!<BR>strSQL = "SELECT * FROM yourTable WHERE (EndDate BETWEEN #"& intFDM &"# AND #"& intLDM &"#"_<BR>&") OR (StartDate BETWEEN #"& intFDM &"# AND #"& intLDM &"#) ORDER BY StartDate"

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    Default date delimiters

    just to add something to gforty&#039;s post. You do want BETWEEN, but # is only the correct date delimiter for MS Access. SQL Server uses single apostrophe (&#039;). <BR><BR>Not sure about other DBs, though.<BR><BR>

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