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    I am about to start migrating my first website from asp to and am confused by what I have read:<BR><BR>"Forms should always postback to the same page"<BR><BR>yet<BR><BR>"Only one server-side form per page, you must divide the single page into two pages"<BR><BR>The site I am going to migrate has an e-commerce section with the payment processing being split over 4 pages at present, each with a form. How am I supposed to do this if you have to postback to the same page but can only have one form per page, is there another way to do this?<BR><BR>Sorry if this is a stupid question but I am quite confused by what I have read as it doesn&#039;t explain itself very well.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>AM

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    Default Humm there is serveral things you can do

    1) You could use panels which essentially allow multiple items on a single page but I find them fairly messy.<BR>2) You can cheat and take the values you are getting from your form and store them somewhere like a database and then store your customer id in the session or on a cookie (My Favorite)<BR>3) Or you could store everything in the session (Yuck!)<BR>

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