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    Help, if you can!<BR>I have Cookies working fine on my test host machine.<BR>Executing the pages fine locally, but from another machine accessing the ASP pages, they won&#039;t work.<BR>I think I have all the settings correct.<BR>Specs of test machine:<BR> Win2K Pro<BR> IIS 5<BR> plain ASP code.<BR><BR><BR>Am I missing anything?<BR><BR>Thanks in advanced

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    sorry, there&#039;s not really a lot of info to go on here. can you be, well, less vague? It&#039;s clear you can&#039;t get cookies to persist on a remote machine, but as for why, couldn&#039;t really say. Have you set an expiry date on them? are cookies enabled in the browser? are you accessing it via HTTP://machineName or via IP address? is this over a LAN or over the web? not cross-domain cookies, are they?<BR><BR><BR>j<BR>

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