Im trying to logon to a pop3 account using CDO, but it wont work... here is the code.<BR><BR>Dim objCurSession<BR>Dim strPInfo<BR><BR>strPInfo = ”” & VbLf & ”frej”<BR><BR>strMailbox = Request.QueryString(”UserMailBox”)<BR>Set objCurSession = CreateObject(”MAPI.Session”)<BR><BR>objCurSess ion.Logon ”Frej”, ”frej”, True, True, 0, False, strPInfo<BR><BR>Set Session(”CurSession”) = objCurSession<BR>Session(”username”) = objCurSession.CurrentUser.Name<BR><BR>Here is the Error I recive...<BR><BR>Collaboration Data Objects (0x4F7)<BR>[Collaboration Data Objects - [MAPI_E_NOT_FOUND(8004010F)]]<BR><BR>It seams to me that Im missing the CDO Component or something, when Im looking in the WIN.INI file this is the only thing under the [Mail]<BR><BR>[Mail]<BR>MAPI=1<BR><BR>But when it in fact sould be like this:<BR>[Mail]<BR>OLEMessaging=1<BR><BR>When the CDO is properly installed<BR><BR>This can be read on<BR>”The Collaboration Data Objects (CDO) Library version 1.2.1 is installed with the Microsoft® Exchange Client and Server, and with Microsoft® Outlook™ 98.”<BR><BR>And I have installed Exchange Server 2000<BR><BR>Does someone knows whats wrong?<BR><BR>Thankful for answeres!