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    Not really technical question but.. I&#039;ll ask anyway.. Has anyone used a pay service for search engine placement? Any comments on the experience? I am looking for a service to recommend to a client. Thanks<BR><BR>Steve Knowles<BR>Systems Engineering

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    Search Engine placement at the moment is a very tricky art. I used it several years ago. Now the "technique" seems to be to create thousands of pages that link to your main page to try and "fool" Google.<BR><BR>Personally, I&#039;d be wary of this. Google&#039;s going to get smart one of these days (in fact, it already is starting to), and will start to blacklist these kinds of sites.<BR><BR>I would try and get a breakdown of what the service will attempt to do before you recommend them to anyone, and before you let them start.<BR><BR>Craig.

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