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    .....and Im sure that the answer lies with Javascript. <BR><BR>I have a set of radio buttons named job type. Several (but not) all of these radio buttons are known as system jobs. What I am wanting to be able to do is when a user clicks on a job type radio button, if that job is a system job then a check box else where on the form is checked.<BR><BR>Any ideas on how to go about this ???

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    I assume that the radio button has a jobid associated with it!<BR><BR>as in value"&#060;%=rs("Jobid")%&#062;"<BR><BR>and I assume that you know if a job is system or not from your DB<BR><BR>then try this<BR>value"&#060;%=rs("Jobid")%&#062;&#124&#060 ;%=rs("system")%&#062;"<BR><BR>where rs("System") is either 1 or 0

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