Dear ASP.NET Programmers,<BR><BR>I have an intranet site (web applicaton) with the login page<BR>http://burak/database/login.aspx. The site implements cookieless forms<BR>authentication and validating user credentials stored in a SQL Server<BR>database. I would like to download a document created by users to the local<BR>disk of the server (burak) using webclient object and its download method,<BR>but I don&#039;t know to how to authenticate when requesting the desired page<BR>(for instance http://burak/database/medicalDocs/1.aspx).<BR><BR>dim wClient as new WebClient()<BR><BR>wClient.DownloadFile("http://burak/database/medicalDocs/1.aspx",<BR>"d:Docs1.html")<BR><BR><BR>Thanks in advance for your help