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    hi,<BR>I have wrote an asp page that read from MS SQl fields <BR>these fields are title and details and select the nvarchar datatype ,cause i want to store arabic data in side it<BR>and in the asp page i assige the utf-8 for the charset property<BR>and for the style for displaying the font i have create class .details {<BR> font-family: "Arabic Transparent", "Simplified Arabic", Andalus, "Simplified Arabic Fixed", "Traditional Arabic";<BR>}<BR><BR>locally in my win2000/IIS environment every thing is working fine <BR>but when uploading it to the hosting Co that Unix base apache server.the arabic character is not displayed correctly.. all i see is small <BR>why ????

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    Default May never work...

    I your ISP is using an Apache server, then the ASP server they offer is *NOT* from Microsoft. It might be the ChiliSoft (now SunONE) ASP server, or it might be "iASP".<BR><BR>In either case, if the ASP dialect they are running does not support the Arabic CODEPAGE, it&#039;s not going to work.<BR><BR>But you can try, at least:<BR><BR>Put<BR>&#060;%@ CODEPAGE=xxxx %&#062;<BR>or<BR>&#060;% Session.CodePage = xxxx %&#062;<BR><BR>in your page(s). To find out what xxxx to use, search with Google. *PROBABLY* you want to use 1256, as shown here:<BR>http://www.kostis.net/charsets/<BR><BR>But as I said, the ASP server on that system may not support Arabic code pages. You&#039;ll just have to try it to find out. Or switch to a Windows-based ISP instead.<BR><BR>

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