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    hi,<BR>I have an asp page(lets say submit.asp) that submits a survey(using HTML forms) to a database. The way i have done it is that the submit.asp calls UpdateDB.asp which has the sql statements that actually insert the survey to the database. UpdateDB.asp is then redirected to End.htm that displays a message that the survey was submitted.<BR>My problem is that to avoid a user submiting the survey again immediately , I have used the response.expire=-1 in the submit.asp page, but when I click the BACK button from the end.htm page, it takes me back to the submit.asp page i.e. it is not expiring. Why is that???<BR>Thanks<BR>

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    Default When you return to..

    .. submit.asp, is the form pre-populated?<BR><BR>And, have you read the FAQ on, in the Nature of Things category on "Disabling the back button"?

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