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    i&#039;m reading "Sam&#039;s Teach Yourself ASP.NET In 21 Days"........just finished up chapter two, and now it&#039;s time to move onto a couple chapters that focus on VB.NET and C#.......and i&#039;m wondering, is it best that i learn both, or is it better that i pick one and concentrate on learning it. if so, which one?<BR><BR>thanks.

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    Hey, what&#039;s up dude. Nice to see you on the .NET side. I read the same book and found it to be a great start. I started with VB.NET and moved on to C#, which is my language of choice now. So, do whatever makes you feel comfortable and proficient. Of course, you will be more marketable if you know both. However, if you are just skilled in one, you should have no problem picking up the other when you need to.

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