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    Hi there.<BR>i am using an Access database. rather than deleting rows from the database, i would like to de-activate them or if possible move the row to another table...<BR><BR>ie. For Employee_Details_Table...deleted records go to Retired_employee_Tables<BR><BR>I&#039;d appeciate any help suggestions on this.<BR><BR>Many thanks!

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    Default Then don't delete them

    Just add a field in the table "isRetired: Boolean" and set it to false, by default. Then just set it to true for the particular records.<BR><BR>Now you can query both active and retired by ignoring that field.<BR><BR>Or query just active via<BR> ... WHERE isRetired = False<BR>or just<BR> ... WHERE NOT isRetired<BR><BR>Or query just retired via<BR> ... WHERE isRetired = True<BR>or just<BR> ... WHERE isRetired<BR> <BR>

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