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    Default Downloading an XML file

    Users can create an XML file on the server. which is just a list of products and such. I want them to be able to download this file. I give them a link to download the xml file. Well obviously I found out puttin the download in an HREF doesn&#039;t work, it will only display the XML in IE. I also tried to do so inside an InLine frame. Again no good. I have also had the link open a new window, which will actually download the file, but I can&#039;t display anything in that window or else the XML will again display only in IE. Therefor the customer is stuck with a blank IE window after the download is successful. Anyone dealt with this and found a simple solution? <BR><BR>Thanks

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    Default Yeah, instead of..

    .. actually creating a file, just stream the XML to the browser.<BR><BR>Before you do, set the ContentType and add the Content Disposition header to force the download.

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