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    Hello,<BR>I ve got a web service that accepts XmlElement as an input parameter.<BR>Then within my web method i would like to convert it to sting and then pass the string to my the stored procedure and use OPENXML to insert the values to SQL Server.<BR>[WebMethod]<BR>public string StoreBooking([XmlAnyElement]XmlElement booking)<BR>{<BR> XmlDocument doc = new XmlDocument();<BR> StringWriter sw = new StringWriter();<BR> try<BR> {<BR> doc.AppendChild(booking);<BR> XmlTextWriter xw = new XmlTextWriter(sw);<BR> doc.WriteTo(xw);<BR> }<BR><BR> catch (XmlException e)<BR> {<BR> return e.ToString();<BR> }<BR> return doc.ToString();<BR><BR>But for some reason i cant add the XmlElement to the XmlDocument.<BR>Please help me<BR>Thanks in advanse.

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    What kind of exception does it throw?<BR>Does it work if you call it directly (not as a webmethod)?

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