80004005: ...It may not be a database that your ap

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    John Booty Guest

    Default 80004005: ...It may not be a database that your ap

    This may be a situation you are all familiar with. You&#039re developing an ASP website for a client, and someone else is hosting it. When the website goes down, the hosting provider blames you, you blame them, and the client just gets mad at both of you. :)<BR><BR>I developed an ASP website for a client using an Access database. It works fin, code-wise. But after uploading the site to the ISP, I repeatedly get this error:<BR><BR>"[Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Cannot open database &#039(unknown)&#039. It may not be a database that your application recognizes, or the file may be corrupt. "<BR><BR>Sometimes the website works, but most of the time it gets this error. What does this mean? Here&#039s the steps I&#039ve taken so far. <BR><BR>1. Downloaded the database, opened it in Access97 in my local machine. No signs of corruption...opens fine.<BR>2. Ran the "repair" tool on the database locally, then re-upload it. Still get the same error on the ISP.<BR>3. Created a new, empty DB, imported the tables and data from the old db, uploaded that to the live server. Error re-occurs.<BR>4. Downloaded the "corrupt" DB, ran it on my staging server. Works fine.<BR><BR>Tech support at this unreliable ISP claims they&#039re using the same OBDC driver version as us. I&#039m at wit&#039s end. Any ideas, anyone? <BR><BR>I need to get the client off of this server... when you&#039re paying only 20 bucks a month for web hosting, I guess you get what you pay for. :)<BR><BR>-Booty<BR>

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    Jason Miller Guest

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    I would bet that it has to do with Access not being condusive to distribution (our IT staff has eol-ed Access apps...).<BR><BR>1) Check to make sure that the directory mappings are the same. Simple mistake which would have a completely useless error message. I&#039ve seen this on a server migration...<BR>2) See if you can explicitly set security settings all over your database (inside and out). If the a) iUser can&#039t use it once it&#039s uploaded or b) the internal security lost it&#039s context for no good reason -- that&#039s happened to me -- bad things will happen.<BR>3) Failing solutions so far, offer your ISP another $20 to make a blank Access database which you can dump SQL "Create table" and such scripts on, thus making the database local to the server and guaranteed to work. If the database doesn&#039t work at that point, it&#039s your ISP&#039s fault (they made the fool thing) and you have the pleasure of slapping them with a large frozen trout.<BR><BR>HiH!

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