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Thread: Set the properties of text field?

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    i have a text field but i want the boarders to be invisible. I looked around and all i have seen was how to chage colors or make flat. Need help!<BR>&#060;input type="text" name="txtPublishedReport" value = &#060;%<BR> response.Write(request.QueryString("PublishedRepor t"))<BR> %&#062; size="60"&#062;

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    Default AFAIK

    that cant be done across browsers<BR><BR><BR>how about you just use a label?<BR><BR>

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    Only certain aspects of HTML elements can be modified. Have you investigated CSS?<BR><BR>It should let you modify the border colours. If you set them to the same as the background, it&#039;ll give you the same effect. I think.<BR><BR>But wait. How are users going to use this? How are they going to know to CLICK in it? Or is that what you&#039;re after - to hide the text area and make it look like it&#039;s a "cell" in a table... Or something similar...?<BR><BR>Craig.

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