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    I&#039;ve recently accepted a job creating a website for a friend, and I haven&#039;t been into web developing at all for a very long time, aside from static html, a bit of CSS and javascript, I know relatively little...<BR><BR>They require a price list that can be updated every so often that contains a fair amount of data, and its currently stored in an Excel file...the list would need to be converted to html obviously for the web on the all I have to do is upload the new xls file to the webserver...but I&#039;m afraid I&#039;m a bit stuck as to where to go from here...and which technology to I use ASP, CGI+Perl , PHP?...theres so many options, I dont know where to begin, or would a database be better?...<BR><BR>I would appreciate it if somebody could point me in the right direction , and maybe tell me what to focus on...I would like to learn ASP if it will provide me with what I need, and as it produces dynamic html pages, im sure it will do, but to be honest I haven&#039;t got a clue...if someone could email me, that would be much appreciated, thank you for reading, DaveM#<BR>

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    Default Since this is an ASP site

    and during your learning process you can come here for help and i can belittle you<BR><BR><BR>use ASP<BR><BR><BR>

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