Role-Based Authorization With Forms Authentication

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Thread: Role-Based Authorization With Forms Authentication

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    Default Role-Based Authorization With Forms Authentication

    There was a recent article on 4guys about Role-Based Authorization With Forms Authentication. I&#039;m interested to know if you can apply this kind of Authentication/Authorization to non asp files (ie pdf, exe, etc). The application would be a download section that requires a user to login before downloading such a file. In classic ASP there is no way to truly do this w/o using some kind of component/ISAPI extension. The alternative would be just obscuring the URL or storing the files outside the web filesystem and then reading/streaming their contents to authorized users.<BR> <BR>I&#039;m wondering if .Net provides any new approaches to this problem. My guess is no, since these extensions are not mapped to the ASP.Net dll, the only Authentication/Authorization will be through IIS? Is this right? Is there a way to do a form based (ie cookie) authentication/authorization on non ASP files w/ .Net?

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    Default You are correct.

    ASP.NET doesn&#039;t natively protect non-ASP.NET files.

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    Default RE: You are correct.

    But if you are willing to accpet the overhead, you can map other file types the same way aspx pages are mapped

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