When developing in Visual Studio.NET, you can specify the "Target Schema". You can choose between: IE5, Netscape4, IE3/Netscape3, and moble devices. The target schema you choose effects the way HTML code is generated at design-time, and effects which components you can add.<BR><BR>However, ASP.NET pages are automatically rendered differently based on which browser request the page at run-time. IIS looks at the UserAgent setting in the HTTP request. This way, your ASP.NET application should appear correctly in any browser.<BR><BR>So, why do you need to pick a target schema at design-time, when the page will be rendered differently at run-time??? Why wouldn&#039;t I pick the most modern target schema if IIS will automatically downgrade at run-time??? Has anyone found a good description of how to use TargetSchema?<BR>Thanks<BR> <BR>