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    I have been playing around with creating DTS package where I take data from text file and put it in sql server staging tables. The package is scheduled to run everyday at 12:00 am. Clients have some specific requirements that I don&#039;t know how to solve. I got till scheduling and sending notification if the job fails. others are:<BR><BR><BR>4. Success requirements:<BR>• Send only one email that expresses success for entire 4-table process.<BR><BR>5. Failure requirements:<BR>o Terminate all further processing of staging tables<BR>o Restore all staging tables back to original condition for consistency<BR>• Send failure notification to NT event viewer<BR>• Send failure email. Include as much information as possible in the body of the email, such as:<BR>o Procedure name<BR>o Error number<BR>o Error description<BR>o SQL statement that failed<BR>o How to recover from the failure<BR><BR><BR>Any help to other sites, comments or suggestion would be appreciated.

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    Ohhh That is a lot to take in one post!<BR><BR>Ok I think you would be advised to go to one or both of these sites<BR><BR><BR>

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