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    Array Textbox.<BR><BR>Hi! I would like to pass one or multiple values from PageA to PageB.<BR><BR><BR>Eg:-<BR>PageA <BR>&#060;asp:textbox id="TextBox1" runat="server"&#062;/Cindy/ Tracy/ June&#060;/asp:textbox&#062;<BR><BR>Then I passed the TextBox1.Text to PageB :<BR><BR>&#039;There&#039;s only 1 Label in PageB named Lebel1.Text.<BR><BR>If TextBox1 contain (Cindy Tracy June) Then<BR><BR>Label1.Text = "Cindy"<BR>Label1.Text = "Tracy"<BR>Label1.Text = "June"<BR>.<BR>.<BR>.<BR><BR>&#039;**** ONLY Use 1 Label but it will repeat the display value.<BR>Else<BR>Label1.Text = "Cindy" &#039;*** When TextBox1 contain (Cindy) only<BR><BR>End If<BR><BR><BR>How to code the Label in Page B so it can be reused for 1 more more values?<BR>Thank you so much.<BR><BR>Rgds,

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    Not sure what you mean by use if for more then one value. But I&#039;ll take a guess that what you want to do is:<BR><BR>Label1.Text = "Cindy"<BR>Label1.Text &= "Tracy"<BR>Label1.Text &= "June"<BR>

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