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    I&#039;m trying to do this thing which is obviously way beyond my capacities: I have a MS SQL database with artist names, song titles and URL to the files on my server (media player files). I would like to make a playlist. I would like to display the songs on a page (say, select_song.asp) from the database and allow song selections. After clicking on "play", the selected songs will play from a plug-in on another page (say, playlist.asp).<BR>How can I make this work? I first thought that I should find a way to get the file lenght and then make the playlist.asp page reload using that file length. I quickly had the following problems:<BR>- i don&#039;t know how to get the files lenghts<BR>- even if i do, how do i make the page reload using the current file length<BR>- even if i succeed at that, how do make sure the songs play only once?<BR><BR>I suspect there is some JS or VBS involved here.<BR>Can someone please help or at least guide me to where i can get help?<BR>Thanks

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    you don&#039;t NEED the file length. go to the thread in the advanced forum.

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