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    My ASP script is receiving a value in a form post from another ASP page on the same server (all use vbscript). The receiving page is then building a SOAP Envelope/XML string, which includes the submitted value, and it's stuffing the string into a variable called "fileCode". My next task, however, is to submit the resulting SOAP/XML via the Post method to another company's remote server on the Internet. I've been poring over the XMLDOM and a couple Wrox books on the subject, but I'm still unsure how to best accomplish this. Is it simply a matter of creating an XMLHTTP object, then using the open and send methods to deliver the XML to the remote machine?

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    First off, there&#039;s an article on on using SOAP from classic ASP. You might want to read-up on that.<BR><BR>Secondly, there is (/used to be) a SOAP toolkit for VB/ASP from Microsoft. It was something like "SOAP on a ROPE" (yeah, I&#039;m serious - it really was that corny).<BR><BR>Lastly, yes, you CAN use the MSXML2.ServerXMLHTTP object to post the data to the other server. You would just need to build the XML request (soap information) and open/send the XML document to the remote server.

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