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    Hi all,<BR> We have custom reports written in ASP and each report takes about 3 minutes to execute. I have like 10 such reports. When I start a report and choose to stop that report by clicking stop button of the browser the report stops executing, but I cannot look at another report after that. I will have to close that browser window and open a new one. Is that a caching issue. I cannot understand where the problem might be. Can someone give me a clue on how to approach this problem.<BR><BR>THank you<BR>Rajesh

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    Sounds like something that ASP&#039;s not really suited for.<BR><BR>Something taking 3 minutes to generate probably shouldn&#039;t be handled by ASP, in my opinion at least. Maybe you could look at a different method of generating them.<BR><BR>Anyway. Do you use Response.IsClientConnected in your scripts? You might want to look into it - it means you can stop that script executing if the client&#039;s given up.<BR><BR>Doesn&#039;t sound like caching to me. Sounds, possibly, like IIS is tied up with your last request.<BR><BR>Craig.

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    Default Pushing STOP does *NOTHING*

    You can push the STOP button all you want in the browser. All that does is tell the browser to stop *LISTENING* for the result from the server.<BR><BR>You haven&#039;t told the SERVER a darned thing, though, so it&#039;s going to keep on working its tail off for all 3 minutes, until it&#039;s got the answer. Only then, when it finally sends the stuff out to the browser, it *might* notice the missing connection and quit.<BR><BR>If you want the STOP button to stop anything on the server, you have to write your server code so that, every so often, your code *POLLS* the browser to see if it is still connected. <BR><BR><BR>

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