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    Ryan Kincade Guest

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    Where can I get an asp driven messageboard like the one used on this site? I&#039ve been to a couple of vendor sites, but their layout is different. I really like the design of this messageboard, and I&#039m wondering if anyone knows where I can get it, or somethig like it if possible. <BR>Thanks,<BR>Ryan Kincade<BR>

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    I email me and I will try to create one for you.<BR>

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    This messageboard is actually an ASP component, EZ-Forum, by Doug Dean Software (

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    fl1rt Guest

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    I&#039ve just finished my message board...written purely in ASP.<BR>there&#039s still a lot more features to put in..but at least it&#039s online now. Feel free to test it.<BR><BR><BR><BR>I may be looking to give it away...but I&#039m not sure yet, but I will be offering FREE hosting for members.

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