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    Say I have a web directory called Thispage. I have all my .asp/.html files is this directory. My domain points to default.asp, so when you type into your browser, you get the default.asp page. I have another page called anotherpage.html - If you type into the brower, of course antoherpage.html displays in the browser.<BR><BR>My question is this.. I have seen pages displayed by typing something like display anotherpage.html - How is this done? Does it need to be configured in IIS or can it be done with coding? <BR>Thanks<BR>Steve K.

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    Default Easiest way is..

    .. to just make ap a directory.<BR><BR>Rename anotherpage.html to a default page name (default.htm) and put it in there.

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    If you see a page like since there is no file extention that means that "bla" is a directory and your seing some index page (like your default.asp)

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