Hi gang, <BR><BR>So wierd. I really thought I had ASP.NET understood.<BR><BR>I have a datagrid that makes use of custom template column objects that house a single HTMLInputText object. When, as a user, I edit the textbox and post to the server, the update query runs fine & the underlying table updates.<BR><BR>However, when the page comes back to the user, the dollar sign formatting I had set up and the new values aren&#039;t reflected in the row that was changed. It&#039;s as though the table was populated by what was sent in the form instead of being re-run from the underlying table.<BR><BR>I tried all sorts of stuff, maybe I&#039;m a little bit spun around - it happens. But I&#039;ve turned EnableViewState=false for the page, so it doesn&#039;t make sense to me that the datagrid is repopulating from ViewState data.<BR><BR>Any ideas out there?