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    I have a client that unfortunately has their web site hosted by another company. They have a form on their web site which they want directly submitted to their Microsoft Access database. Since this is not possible due to the fact that the database is not stored on the web server, they would like to be able to download an MDB (Access database file) daily and import the data into their real database on the corporate network. Anyone have any ideas on how I could go about doing this, and doing it securely. I dont want anyone to be able to download the updated MDB, just people who have maybe a correct login and password. I am also not very familiar on how I will let them download the database. Any help would be appreciated Thank you in advance.<BR><BR>Shawn Berg<BR>Innovative webMedia

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    The easiest way would be to have them download the database via FTP exactly as you do to upload the web pages. You don&#039t need to worry about porgramming secure access to the database via web pages, since only those who can access the FTP account can download it. However if you must do it via webpages look up, and you will find lots of documentation on how to use their "SA-JFile 1.4" download component.<BR><BR>Once you have the database on there local machine, just create linked tables within the Corporate Database to the tables in the downloaded database. Then the data in the downloaded db will be immediately available to the other db. It would be a simple matter to create queries to update tables in the Corp Db or just to use the raw data. Then when you download the database from the web, you just overwrite the previously downloaded copy. The corp db will not be aware of any change and whatever new data is there since the last download will automatically be available. <BR><BR>If you would like to email me more details of what you need to do, I could be more specific about how to do it.<BR><BR>

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