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    I am having trouble weeding duplicate records from a table. The table structure is basically:<BR><BR>recID int<BR>storyID int<BR>storyName varchar(50)<BR>storyDate smalldatetime<BR>storyTime smalldatetime<BR>storyText text<BR><BR>I&#039;d like to delete all duplicate records of storyID and StoryName (no matter what the values in the other fields are, because they will be varied even if those two are the same) leaving only one of them.<BR><BR>Thoughts? Ideas?<BR><BR>= )<BR><BR>--C. A.

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    If recID is a unique integer then this can be done without too much trouble.<BR><BR>DELETE FROM A<BR>FROM Table A<BR>INNER JOIN (<BR> SELECT MAX(recID) AS recID_KEEP, storyID, storyName<BR> FROM Table<BR> GROUP BY storyID, storyName<BR> HAVING COUNT(*) &#062; 1<BR>) AS SQ<BR>ON A.storyID = SQ.storyID AND A.storyName = SQ.storyName<BR>WHERE A.recID &#060; SQ.recID_KEEP<BR><BR><BR>Gavin

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