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    ... for your techy document on my replace question and spending your time to dig into the problem.<BR><BR>apparently that /xxx/g is only needed for strings containing the semicolon ( : ) for other like [grin] this will do <BR>/[grin]/g<BR><BR>oh, and I stick to your first solution, can&#039;t get the regexp one to work.

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    Default Yes, you *never* need...

    ...or even WANT a in front of alphabetic or numeric characters (didn&#039;t I say that in one post???).<BR><BR>But it&#039;s a good idea to put in front of all other characters. So I would definitely have used<BR> /[grin]/<BR>even if <BR> /[grin]/<BR>worked. Just a little paranoia on my part, but a little paranoia is a healthy thing for programmers *and* their programs.<BR><BR>

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