Hello <BR>I am in some dire need of some advice, tips/hints/tricks etc etc. I have a site up at and we have a news section in the page. We would like for people to submit information to subscribe to our newsletter. My question is this is it best to use an active server page, ssl, xml or something different? What the something different is is beyond me.<BR><BR>Secondly, Is there any way that when a user submits there request based on certain selections that it can be filtered to the specific selections?<BR><BR>i.e. a user wants to read headlines on Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Texas and aonther reader would like readins for B.C., Alberta, Oklahoma, EUB. Is there any way i can filter this information to the right person? DO i need to set up a database accordingly? ie. seperate tables for saksatchewan, alberta, b.c. etc etc?<BR><BR>Please help me out cos I am really stuck<BR>If anyone knows some good tutorials/tips/hints/tricks, freeware/shareware/demo programs please send them my way<BR><BR>He wants to capture the ip address as well and i dont know how to do it<BR><BR>Thanx for all the help <BR>Clint