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    How to prevent two users from logging in with same user name and password. The Session_OnEnd event is not working properly and i dont rely on it. THe system runs on windows 2000 server with SP3, IIS 5. but in different maching with same OS, the Session_OnEnd event works. How to write the logout time to a text file when the session ends.

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    Default Very difficult to do in classic ASP

    and not wind up with user locks not getting released and really ticking off your users. You could implement this reliable solution in ASP.NET with your existing classic ASP site.<BR><BR>Either using frames, redirection, or some other method. You could call an ASP.NET page in the background to set and refresh your locks when your classic ASP pages are called. In fact, you just include a hidden image that has the lock refresh ASP.NET page in it&#039;s source instead of an image.<BR><BR>We use this methodology in our ASP.NET web applications and it has worked great.<BR><BR>

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