Hi all:<BR><BR>I have the opportunity to create a site in either ASP or PHP. Obviously I have been learning ASP already, and the idea of learning something new is exciting, but I keep finding articles that swear PHP is faster than ASP. I suspect most of the articles have been written by PHP-philes, and may be a bit slanted, but one quoted speed tests that were eye opening.<BR><BR>This author claimed that ASP&#039;s reliance on COM objects was what slowed it down, and that PHP could out perform ASP based on it not having to access COM objects.<BR><BR>Another point the article raised had to do with MS phasing out ASP in favor of .NET. They pointed to this as an admission on the part of MS that ASP is &#039;no longer viable.&#039;<BR><BR>I&#039;d like to hear what you all have to say in either case, regardles of whether or not you have a heap of PHP experience.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>KurtW