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    I started working on ASP projects since 6 months. Now I hear that there is lot of demand for JSP programmers. I am not sure if I should start learning JSP. Do you think ASP will continue to have demand for another couple of years or what do you think about the ASP Programmer fate.<BR><BR>Could you kindly comment on this.<BR><BR>Thank You<BR>testasp

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    I would recommend that you learn as many languages and technologies as possible, so if JSP interests you, take some time to learn it.<BR><BR>As far as ASP going away... I don&#039t think we&#039re going to see the end of ASP anytime soon. ASP is very easy to use and makes for a great choice for developing interactive, data-driven Web sites. As the Internet continually grows and more and more businesses move on-line, the role that ASP plays will only increase.<BR><BR>I think a good sign of ASP&#039s maturity and longevity can be seen by the recent purchase of Chili!Soft from Cobalt. Chili!Soft makes ASP ports for non-IIS Web servers. When such companies like that are being bought-up, it&#039s a good sign for ASP! :-)

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    Thank You

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