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    Hi forum, I just have a quick question about the "requiredfieldvalidator". This my situation.<BR><BR>I have a textbox and 2 submit buttons on my site. One submit button is used query the results of what the user entered in the text box. I have placed a "requiredfieldvalidator" to make sure they enter a key to search by.<BR><BR>The other submit button which is used to see the last 64 newest records entered (basicall select top 64 * from table). So the textbox is not needed in this situation, because a hard coded stored procedure will be used. <BR><BR>The problem is I don&#039;t know how to turn the validator off. I tried setting the textboxt to junk data to bypass it but it won&#039;t let up. How do I use the "requiredfieldvalidator" dynamically? When one submit button is hit, it needs to be on, and if the other one "recently added records" it needs to be off.<BR><BR>I hope I made since, Mike

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    The buttons have a <BR>CausesValidation property

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