i dont know if this sounds sense or what

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Thread: i dont know if this sounds sense or what

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    Default i dont know if this sounds sense or what

    but i might as well try right?<BR><BR>i can get the last added index by using the select @@identity code, also i can get the last autonumber by using the max sql function. but what if i had 1000 entries already, i added a new entry, so it has an index of 1001 but i deleted that entry. will i be able to still get the next index ID which is supposed to be 1002? or am i stuck with using the max function? hope i dont sound stupid or sumthing...

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    Default Sure

    do an insert and THEN get the last id in that case, it will be 1002 right<BR><BR><BR>check the FAQs they will tell you how you do it<BR><BR>cause i really dont see why you would EVER need the id BEFORE the insert<BR><BR>

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    Default A code sample


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