Resizing Images in Classic ASP without the need to

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Thread: Resizing Images in Classic ASP without the need to

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    Default Resizing Images in Classic ASP without the need to

    Now, I&#039;m not 100% sure about this, however, following the need to build a picture gallery with dynamic thumbnails, and the webhosting company not having or willing to install a COM object to resize images, I think I&#039;ve come up with an answer (but as I said, I&#039;m not 100% sure).<BR><BR><BR>There&#039;s a free Image Resizing component available at . Very handy If you can install it. As I&#039;m not allowed to, I found out that there is also a command line tool that performs the same actions. <BR><BR><BR>Atrax @ readthe**** has written a few articles on using executeables to perform actions (articles can be found at http://www.readthe**** and http://www.readthe**** )<BR><BR>So in theory, using a little ASP coding, it should be possible to perform image manipulation using the above tools and methods.<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>I think I&#039;m right, but i&#039;d like confirmation or thoughts on the method before I start coding the application for my client

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    Default In theory or in practice??

    In theory, it would work fine.<BR><BR>In practice, if the hosting company won&#039;t let you install an ActiveX control from a reliable company, then they sure as hell aren&#039;t going to let you install an *EXECUTABLE* from *ANYBODY*.<BR><BR>As much havoc as an ActiveX component can wreak, an executable can wreak more.<BR><BR>Why didn&#039;t you think to ask the hosting company if they&#039;d allow the executable?<BR><BR><BR>

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