Sometimes when a page is being transformed, we receive the following error:<BR><BR>msxml3.dll error &#039;80070020&#039;<BR>The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another<BR>process.<BR><BR>The file is only opened for reading, so how can this happen? How can I<BR>prevent it?<BR><BR>This is our function that transforms the xml with an xsl-file<BR><BR>:<BR><BR><BR> transform:function(node, xslname, params, toResponse) {<BR> var p=this.path;<BR> if (!p) p=Server.MapPath(".");<BR> var xsl=getXmlDom();<BR> xsl.load(Server.MapPath(xslname+".xsl"));<BR> if (xsl.documentElement==null) {<BR> throw new Error("Could not load xsl file: "+xslname+".xsl");<BR> }<BR> var templ=new ActiveXObject("msxml2.XSLTemplate.3.0");<BR> templ.stylesheet=xsl;<BR> var proc=templ.createProcessor();<BR><BR> if (!node) {<BR> node=getXmlDom();<BR> node.loadXML("&#060;empty/&#062;");<BR> }<BR> //if (!node.ownerDocument) node=node.documentElement;<BR> proc.input=node;<BR> if (toResponse) proc.output=Response;<BR><BR> if (!params) params={};<BR><BR> // params<BR> for (n in params) {<BR> if (params[n]!=null) proc.addParameter(n, params[n]);<BR> }<BR> proc.transform();<BR><BR> if (!toResponse) return proc.output;<BR><BR> }<BR><BR><BR>