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    I have been assigned a task by my job. I need to make this Access DB browser enabled but only to be hosted locally on a network. In the long run i'm going to access the db to print reports to the browser. My question is, can I create ASP pages to connect to the db that will be read on local machines. Am I making sense?

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    Default Has nothing to do with ASP...

    Whatever the browser uses *MUST* be run *IN THE BROWSER*.<BR><BR>And that means only stuff based on HTML (and client-side scripting).<BR><BR>Since ASP runs *ONLY* on the server, it is irrelevant to your question.<BR><BR>Each and every machine on your local network would have to be able to connect to and read the Access DB info. And then the HTML page would have to use scripting to access the ADO objects which would then hook up to the ".mdb" file.<BR><BR>Basically, if people can currently use Access (the program) on their local machines to connect to the ".mdb" file on the network, then this can work. But then why do it via the browser??? Why not just do it via Access reports and screens?<BR><BR>******************<BR><BR>NOW...<B R><BR>*IF* you mean that the DB will *ONLY* be accessed from the WEB SERVER machine, and that it will generate HTML based on queries that ASP/VBScript/ADO makes of the DB, *then* you are talking ASP.<BR><BR>So maybe you need to clarify what your exact task is before proceeding? And maybe get a beginning book on ASP and start reading at least the chapters on DBs and &#060;TABLE&#062; output?<BR><BR>

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