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    I have problem with session variable. I'm using session to pass userid and password of users on my ASP page which has a backend Access database. The session object works fine on my local IIS but when I run it on the server I'm unable to move through pages successfully as on my local machine. I get error message about some object. Moreover, Is Response.Redirect not a good way of directing pages? Finally, can someone tell me how I can retrieve user id and password when passed through query string.

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    Whose the vaguest of them all?<BR><BR>&#062;I get error message about some object.<BR><BR>Shall we guess? WHAT message? WHAT object?<BR><BR>BTW -- make sure you have sessions enabled on your web server... that could be one problem.<BR><BR>And it&#039;s not that good of an idea to pass somebody&#039;s name and password through a querystring.

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