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    Hello, I&#039;m hoping someone can help me out here. This is what I want to do:<BR><BR>I want to have an ASP script process every e-mail coming into our server. The script would process the e-mail and insert the header, addressee, sender, subject and message body into a database, and save any attachments to disk.<BR><BR>I&#039;m a capable programmer and don&#039;t necessarily need help with the programming. Rather, I need to know:<BR><BR>1. How do I have the ASP script automatically process any incoming e-mails?<BR><BR>2. How do I identify and extract the various data such as addressee, sender, subject, body, etc.? Is there a COM object that could simplify this?<BR><BR>3. Do I need a mail server like IMail to do this, or can it be accomplished with what&#039;s available on a Windows 2000/2003 web server? (I have full root/admin access to the server.)<BR><BR>Some other details: I do not need full POP functionality, or different user accounts. This will be used on a personals site to enable users to have a simple web-based e-mail account. Users will not need or be able to access their e-mail from POP clients like Outlook, only via the web interface I create. (Sending e-mails is no problem, I can do that with CDONTS or any of the other objects like ASP-Email.)<BR><BR>Thanks in advance for any advice, suggestions or pointers you can provide. If there&#039;s a tutorial or reference somewhere online, or a component which can accomplish this, I&#039;d really appreciate you pointing me in the right direction. Thanks again!

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    Default not a task to which ASP is suited...

    ... since ASP is a client-server model rather than an event based or schedukled model.<BR><BR>look into WSH instead.<BR><BR><BR>j<BR>

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    Default RE: not a task to which ASP is suited...

    We have done this feature in webmanager, I can&#039;t really remember the details of exactly how we did it but you can check out webmanager from using the CVS username and password anoncvs. See for instructions as to how to configure tortoise CVS client to talk to our CVS server. You can also browse the webmanager CVS (make sure you are in Webmanager, not Webmanager2.0, and look at /aspforum/mailpoll.asp which is written in Javascript. Its in use on several of our webmanager sites, for example,,, etc.<BR><BR>Good luck<BR>Derek

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