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    Hello! I am making a web site that require user to log in. Each time user log in, I use Session to store the username, so that I can use it in the remaining ASP. <BR><BR>Session("ID") = request.form("username")<BR><BR>I would like to ask, is it better if i use Cookie instead of Session. Since I read many message that i know "Session is devil", so I afraid I make a bad choice to use Session.<BR><BR>Thanks!

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    If you are just using that username in the same asp just store it in a variable and use it there. <BR><BR>If you need to use it in different ASP throughout your application, then I would prefer cookies -- if that will work with your intended audience...<BR><BR>otherwise sessions my not be easily avoidable...<BR>Darren

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    Default would it be more safer if use session instead of c

    would use session be more secure? as once cookie establish in client&#039s PC, client can amend it!

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