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    Carolyn Norberg Guest

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    I hope someone can help me with this bizarre problem I&#039m having. I believe that I am having a caching problem on one of my ASP pages but I&#039m baffled at how to fix it. On this page I&#039m displaying information from a database (using a COM Component). This information is displayed in text fields and the user has the ability to add, delete, edit and scroll through records. Each time the user chooses an option I&#039m reloading the page and I&#039m storing what a user wants to do into a Session variable (add, edit, delete, first last, etc....) This works fine on most machines - I&#039ve tried it in IE and Netscape on Windows 98, Windows 2000 and Windows NT Platforms. (On 2 machines - both are running Windows 98) The Session Variable is not clearing out in IE and Netscape. If I hit the refresh button (in the browser) the new value is being written to the Session variable. On all others machines the Session variable gets the right value always and there is no scrolling problems.<BR>Does anybody have any suggestions as this is kind of difficult to explain?????<BR>

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    I am not sure, but if you are saying that if you refresh your screen and then the sessions are correct, then I would try this...<BR><BR>On the top of your asp page put,<BR>&#060;%response.expires = "-1"%&#062;

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    Carolyn Norberg Guest

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    I had Response.expires=0<BR>I tried -1 before and it never worked.<BR>I just tried -1000 and now it is working.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>Carolyn

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