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    Our website runs on ASP & SQL Server 2000. I want to create RSS news feeds from our DB.<BR><BR>I tried it with a component (asp2xml) which generates XML but it neither allows me to change the format, nor it generates the XML in RSS format.<BR><BR>Could anyone here suggest component/ways for the above.<BR>Many many thanks..<BR><BR> - Chakkarapani

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    RSS is just an extension of XML. XML is just text.<BR><BR>You really shouldn&#039;t need a component. All you need to do is look at the format of an RSS feed (check the RSS feed on here, or on CNN or whereever) and make an ASP page that outputs TEXT that&#039;s in the same format as the other RSS feeds...<BR><BR>That&#039;s it. No components.<BR><BR>Craig.

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