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    I have a problem... I have an ASP page that:<BR><BR>1. Maintains a connection to SQL Server to build lists<BR>2. Contains a form to redirect to another page on submisstion<BR><BR>and i need it to also:<BR><BR>1. Execute a stored procedure on changing one of the lists and return the result to one of the form fields.<BR>2. Based on the result of the stored procedure result change my layer visibility to only show the Submit button if a condition is met.<BR><BR>Does this sound possible? I&#039;m quite a novice at asp and at present i&#039;ve got the lists working and the stored procedure executing, but cant get the result back into the form and get the layer visibility dependant on the form field content.<BR><BR>Anyone got any ideas? Or places where this is discussed in more detail?<BR><BR>Much thanks for any assistance.<BR><BR>Jason

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    &#062; I&#039;m quite a novice at asp<BR><BR>if you&#039;re prepared to admit this, why did you come to the advanced forum first? nothing you&#039;ve asked for here is particularly difficult - in fact a couple of them are probably covered by the FAQs and the tutorials on, and my site linked below, among many other places.<BR><BR><BR>j<BR>

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