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    I&#039;m using RegisterStartUpScript to output some javascript.<BR><BR>I need a newline character after the html comment...<BR><BR>Dim scriptString As String = "&#060;script language=JavaScript&#062; &#060;!--
    "<BR><BR>Yet no newline is produced - I actually see the &#039;
    &#039; in the source code. <BR><BR>This is strange because I&#039;ve seen people using &#039;
    &#039; in their code examples. Why might it not be working here?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>I.

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    It is because you are using VB#.<BR>C# uses recognizes
    in a string as an escape character and uses a new line. Same as with \" in a string puts the quote char in the string.<BR><BR>In VB, you will need something else. It used to be a VBNewLine

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