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    I have a page with a dropdownlist that displays a list of customers, when you select a customer, you get a datagrid with a list of all the customers orders, and when you select an order, another datgrid shows the order detail. <BR><BR>You can view the page at: <BR> <BR>You can view the page source code at: <BR> <BR><BR>My problem is that I do not know how to format the order details information. (to view the order details information select a customer, and then click show order for one of the listed orders). For example I want the date to appear as MMDDYYYY and not MMDDYYYY 12:00:00 AM and I want some prices to appear as $4.50 and not 4.5.<BR><BR>I have been given the following code that is supposed to help me format the data, but I have no idea where it goes.<BR><BR>Currency<BR>&#060;DataFormatString="{ 0:c}"&#062;<BR><BR>Date Format<BR>DataFormatString="{0:dd-MMM-yyyy}"<BR>DataFormatString="{0:ddMMMyyyy}"<BR><BR> Thanks in advance for your help.<BR>

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    go here<BR><BR><BR><BR>look up<BR><BR>FormatCurrency <BR>DateValue

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