Anyone know of any references on how to do this?<BR><BR>I&#039m using FrontPage 2000 on NT 4 w/ IIS 4 + SP 5. I have Access 2000, and I am using the Database Results Wizard in FrontPage. I have successfully:<BR><BR>a.) Created two Access tables in one database file. One is &#039posts&#039 and another is &#039departments&#039.<BR>b.) Created a form that sends post information to the Access database &#039posts&#039 table. One of the fields is a drop-down box that lets browsers select a department from the list of names in the &#039departments&#039 table. This information is saved in a special field in the &#039posts&#039 table.<BR><BR>Now I want browsers to be able to search the &#039posts&#039 table for messages with a specific department. <BR><BR>The Database results wizard will retrieve information from an Access file, and you can create search criteria. The search criteria is limited, and I want to know how to expand the search criteria.<BR><BR>For example, I want this drop-down box to include a list of names from the &#039departments&#039 table, or a list of the selections posted to the &#039posts&#039 table. I cannot select data from more than one table.<BR><BR>After using the wizard, a form is created and a database results table is created underneath the form. I have deleted the field in the form, and created a drop-down box using the database results wizard. If the drop-down box lists the &#039posts&#039 department selection names, it works fine. If it contains the &#039departments&#039 names, it says there are no records. I would use the &#039posts&#039 table information, but it shows duplicates (if there are seven &#039Board of Supervisors&#039 posts, for example, there will be seven &#039Board of Supervisors&#039 items in the drop-down box).<BR><BR>I have looked at the source code, and I see comments like &#039--webbot bot =&#039. What is this?<BR><BR>I have tried to find all files with this &#039webbot&#039, and I found a _vti_info.htm. This html file has references to three dll files: shtml.dll, author.dll, and admin.dll. Where can I find more information about these libraries? I have tried to import them to the Microsoft script editor, but it said they are either corrupt (I doubt it) or they are not ActiveX components.<BR><BR>The comments also refer to the file. Where can I learn more about this?<BR><BR>If I&#039m connected (I usually am from 6-9 pm Pacific), you can see my pages at<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>