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    Hi everyone,<BR> I want to make my own ecommerce app using ASP and VBScript. I need to achieve the following functionality:<BR><BR>- Hold a users shopping cart contents across all pages in the site until time of checkout.<BR>- Allow the users to return to the site and still see their shopping cart contents after a day, week etc.<BR>- Display a “hello Mr Brown” type message for the returning customer<BR><BR>So basically I could set a cookie for that user on Login and then place the cart contents into that cookie or a text file, whatever... and achieve what I set out to do above.<BR><BR>But given the problems of state management in ASP eg sessions rely on cookies, and not all browsers allow cookies or session-cookies even, how can I achieve the above functionality without them?<BR><BR>Is their a backup plan I can use in case the users browser will not allow session based cookies, or cookies for that matter? <BR><BR>What are all the &#039;big boys&#039; doing? eg those who have been programming in ASP for years.<BR><BR>I would love to hear the opinions on any of you professionals out there?<BR><BR>Thanking you <BR>Andrew Duffy<BR>

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