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    Is there anyway to stress test a DB while offline, and testing on your own server.<BR><BR>Eg. IIS5<BR><BR>My ISP has said there is a maxiumum of 10 user connections, id like to replicate to see what happens.<BR><BR>?

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    &#062; maxiumum of 10 user connections<BR><BR>does the ISP mean 10 CALs (Client Access Licenses)? SQL Server is a strange one like this - I&#039;ve been looking into a new installation recently. With a 5 or 10 CAL installation you can hammer the hell out of it and it&#039;ll assume all the connections are from the same CAL, if you&#039;ve logged in with the same name. In the context of a website this means it can handle a phenomenal amount of traffic, though the licensing issue is a strange one.<BR><BR>The licensing system is weird and I don&#039;t like it<BR><BR><BR>j<BR>

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